How to set up a Mailchimp subscriber pop up on a WordPress blog


Hello e-friends,

I know how tricky it can be to set up a mailchimp subscriber pop up on a wordpress blog, you won’t even found it on mailchimp support website.

Tricky but also useful for so many purposes especially filling subscribers database on Mailchimp or others plateforms.

I will be as specific as possible by using steps points with some pictures to be sure everybody can follow and achieve it.

It’s a technical configuration so let’s don’t waste time with bla bla bla and go straight to the point.

Notice: I’ve surrounded with a red line, the concerned part of each image for your interest.

  • Step 1: Get connected to your Mailchimp account


  • Step 2: Click on the subscriber list on which you want to design your pop up form



If you don’t have any list, create one first.

  • Step 3: Click on  the link “signup forms”


  • Step 4: Click on the link “subscriber pop up”


  • Step 5: Design your subscriber pop up by using the tools on the right pad


  • Step 6: When done, click on the button “publish”


  • Step 7: Before publishing, the mail platform will suggest you to copy the code to be embedded in your blog

Do not forget to copy that code, it will help you forward.


  • Step 8: Then click on “save & exit” in the top right


  • Step 9: Now that your subscriber pop up is designed, go to your wordpress blog backend

    (the administration account).


  • Step 10: There’s a vertical bar on the left of the page, click on the menu “Editor” under “Appearance”


  • Step 11: There’s a list of file on the right of the page, look for the one named “header.php” and click on it


  • Step 12: Then paste the code you’ve copied from your embedded pop up form you just designed in Mailchimp. Paste that code just before the mark “</head>”.


  • Step 13: Click on the blue button “update file” located under the editor


  • Step 14: Update your blog home page and smile.


  • Step 15: Take a glass of tea, you’ve done it! 4e5cf7d4ccb9c59b6620a9c71944d51e